Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Big Plastic: Fleischmann's Rye

Fleischmann's Rye is sort of an odd bird. It's the only rye made by the Barton distillery, and it's mostly for sale in Wisconsin, where it's a budget offering. It used to be a straight rye, but a few years ago they dropped the "straight," so now it's just cheap rye in a big plastic bottle.

Fleischmann's Rye, 40% abv ($15 for 1.75 liters)

The nose is herbal, slightly minty and botanical with some perfume notes.  On the palate there's pine and some spice but it also gets a bit bitter. The bitterness increases into the finish has some spice as well.

This had some nice notes on the nose but the bitterness was overwhelming.

Thanks to Reid Bechtle for the sample and photo.


Anonymous said...

Is it the same company that sells yeast?

sku said...

Great question, but no. As far as I know there is no historical connection either.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Sku, why does Wisconsin get bottom of the barrel rye but the rest of the 50 states don't deserve any? Why bother making and bottling this shining example of rotgut at all, from a business perspective?

sku said...

It has a long history in Wisconsin and presumably is popular enough there to make a profit.